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Who We Are:

Since 2002 has been dedicated to showcasing women having real orgasms just like they do at home, solo or girl-girl. Yanks creates porn with erotic mutuality as its foundation. We are a small independent company that introduces our performers as people first and then share our user’s journey to discover and showcase their sexual side. We donate $1 of every sale we make to to fight domestic and sexual violence.  We are a different kind of company in this industry.

Who we are
Yanks Model

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for creators to do Yanks shoots at home. We will pay you for the custom content as well as leading a cross promotional campaign to bring pre-qualified, high quality fans into your orbit, making immediate revenue both ways.

We are also interested in models without their own promotional platforms to do at home shoots! Alternatively, if you are or will be in the Oakland, California area, we can shoot you in our studio.

We showcase you to our built-in fan base:

•750,000 Tube and premium tube followers and fans
•2,500 Monthly paying members
•Email list of 25,000 ex-members
•Inclusion of you in our monthly PR
•Tweet to 5k followers
•A feature in the news of the erotica site 10,000 daily US users


We can put you in front of the eyeballs of people who will pay for porn by leveraging the content you are already making.  


We will pay you an agreed upon rate based on the type of shoot you do and the size of your fan base.

In addition, within our members' area, links to your social media and model site profiles will be published, creating direct access to a new fan base.  We also make promotional materials allow you to use portions of the content to cross promote, driving even more fans your way!

Yanks shoot compensation

Completing the shoot:

In general a Yanks shoot takes 2 unhurried hours to complete, including paperwork and required videos and photo content. 

 You are welcome, of course, to complete your shoot in whatever timeframe you prefer, as long as all content meets our requirements.

The Shoot - Requirements:

Yanks Masturbation Biography

Masturbation/Sex Bio

A short list of question Yanks biography that you will fill out by hand about your masturbation and sex habits, turn-ons, experiences, etc.

Yanks Video Interview

Video Interview

A non-nude video interview in which our members get to know a bit more about you personally and sexually.  The talking points are obtained from Yanks bio.

Yanks Masturbation Video

Masturbation Video

Choose from a list of techniques popular with our members.   All we ask is that you have fun engaging with our fans through the video and have an authentic orgasm or two while doing it!

Yanks Bonus Video

Bonus video

A short playful, non-nude video we can use to build excitement about your Yanks shoot. We'll provide you with a list of ideas and you're welcome to let us  know if you have a good idea or something you have done before.

Promo Photos

Promo Photos

These are the photos we need to promote you to our members and we will ask you to take at least 25 photos with specific poses and levels of nudity.  25 is to ensure we have one great photo of you for each required promotion.

ID requirement

Legal Documents

Super easy.  We just need a photo of you holding your current state issued ID or passport and our signed legal document that confirms that you are 18+.  This is NEVER shared with ANYONE.

*Due to new age verification laws regarding online nudity, we cannot provide content samples directly here. Please don't hesitate to contact for samples.

Yanks is different

Yanks is a small, independent company that has been focused on producing ethical porn for 20+ years.  We treat all our performers with respect and work hard to be a positive and holistic force in the adult industry.

Call to Safety

We donate $1 of every sale to Call to Safety.



Call to Safety is an Oregon, US based non-profit that works to ensure that everyone has a life free of domestic and sexual violence.

It is a cause near to our hearts and one we are proud to be a part of.  At Yanks, we want to be a force for good and giving back is just one way we make that happen. 


Frequently asked questions

How much do you pay?

We have a negotiable base rate that is dependent on your social media following (and agreement to do a 3-day social media campaign with us), as well as the type of shoot you do. This rate will be agreed upon prior to any content being created. You do not need a social media following to participate.

How long does a shoot take?

We've found that a shoot generally takes about 2 hours.  For a Yanks shoot, we have a short biography, an interview video, a masturbation video, a bonus video and a photo set.  The total minimum required run time for the videos is 17 minutes!

What do I need to do?

Contact us with a photo or link to your page/site and we can get you all the information and paperwork you need.  

Can I shoot more than once?

We generally shoot models once but sometimes make exceptions for popular with our members models, girls with unique techniques, girls who want to come back with a friend for a mutual side-by-side or girl-girl scene.  Let us know if you are interested.

Ready to go?

Reach out today to get more information!
**If English is not your first language, please let us know. We have different information for you.


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